Death of Bertrand-Kamal (Koh-Lanta, the 4 Lands): the candidate from the East died of cancer at the age of 30

Actor death

Koh-Lanta fans are heartbroken on Thursday, September 10. As Denis Brogniart confirmed on Instagram this morning, the adventurer Bertrand-Kamal died the day before. He had only revealed that he had pancreatic cancer a few days before.

The news fell like a hammer. As revealed by several relatives of Bertrand-Kamal, the candidate of Koh-Lanta the 4 Lands died on the evening of this Wednesday, September 9. It is a named Kenza, a close friend who introduces herself as her “sister of heart”, who announced the terrible news on her Twitter page. “It will remain of you my brother. It will remain of you what your magnificent journey gave you and especially you in Koh-Lanta. May Allah open the doors of Heaven to you and soothe our pain.

Thank God! I was able to be by your side for your last breaths, rest in peace, ”she said with immense sorrow. It did not take more for the Web to ignite and tribute messages pouring in on social networks. But while some wonder about the veracity of this disastrous news, another close friend of Denis Brogniart’s protégé confirmed the information.

Hadja posts an ambiguous message

The young woman in question, whose Instagram page is full of pictures with the 30-year-old adventurer, sent him a tender message on her social networks. “Your last words will forever be etched in my memory and my heart, like the chance to have met you. I loved you I love you I will love you.
Rest in peace now. You marked your passage on earth. You were just great and unbeatable “, she wrote in the caption of a cliché alongside Bertrand-Kamal.

For her part, her teammate in the Hadja adventure has cracked a message for the least equivocal in his Instagram story by writing in Arabic: “May Allah grant him His Mercy”, accompanied by a green heart, the color of their team. Teheiura, emblematic candidate of Koh-Lanta posted a black square, with the caption ” RIP Bertrand-Kamal. My condolences to his family. The Koh-Lanta family is also in mourning. “Denis Brogniart cries this morning much more than an adventurer:” I knew him as an adventurer of Koh Lanta and I loved him as a friend afterwards, a loved one with whom I shared so many privileged moments, “he wrote in the tribute he paid her on Instagram.

A news that has something to shock viewers who, not only are very saddened by the announcement of his death, but above all did not expect such a turn of events. Indeed, it was only a few days since the adventurer had revealed to be suffering from pancreatic cancer. “I fell ill after the adventure; I am in the midst of the fight against the disease,” he conceded to his subscribers. All our thoughts are with his family and loved ones.

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