The first Robocop has been deployed in Dubai

robocop photo

Dubai law enforcement now has a police robot among its troops. This new kind of officer is the first to enter service, but he certainly won’t be the last.

After the Russian Terminator, here is the Emirati Robocop. Presented at the GISEC security fair in Dubai, this humanoid on wheels, developed from the Reem robot of the Spanish company Pal Robotics, “joined the police forces” of the first city of the United Arab Emirates on Sunday.

Measuring 1m70 for 100kg, the machine will initially be assigned to the surveillance of shopping centers and tourist places in Dubai, the government said in a statement. Via the touchscreen positioned on her chest, it will be possible to report a violation, pay fines or “chat” with her in Arabic or English. Eventually, other languages ​​will be added: Russian, Chinese, French and Spanish.
Big brother is watching you

The police robot is equipped with cameras filming continuously. The images will be sent in real time to the Dubai Law Enforcement Command Center. Note that more than 6,000 surveillance cameras are already installed in the United Arab Emirates.

But, powered by IBM’s artificial intelligence Watson, the device goes further. In particular, it can detect and analyze gestures and facial expressions. During its presentation at GISEC, the robot called a visitor by name after reading it on his badge. Later, it should even have facial recognition features that allow it to identify suspects, for example.
25% of robots in the police force in 2030

“Nowadays most people go to the police station or make a call, but with this tool we can reach the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the robot won’t ask for sick or maternity leave.” , admits Khalid Al Razooqi, director general of the intelligent services of the Dubai police, before assuring: “we are not going to lay off our police officers to replace them by this tool, but with the increase of the population of Dubai , we want to reassign the police to the right places ”.

But the government of the United Arab Emirates is not going to stop there. It also provides for the deployment of autonomous patrol cars as well as a 3-meter-high robot piloted by an officer on board and capable of reaching speeds of 80 km / h. “The goal is for robots to represent 25% of the police force by 2030.”

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