Manicure: what are the nail art trends for fall-winter?

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As at the beginning of the season, new trends are emerging… but not only in your wardrobe! To make the start of the school year look stylish right down to the fingertips, here are the urgent nail art trends to adopt.

The more the days go by, the more summer seems behind you … You will therefore have to gradually abandon your summer colors to find shades that are a little warmer and more autumnal. Fortunately this season, your nails will be highlighted with some really shiny nail art trends!

How do you find the right shade of varnish?

Once autumn begins to show up, we tend to gradually abandon pastel or white tones, to sport warmer shades. But this season, no way to go for the classic red! We modernize our nails, adopting new shades such as navy blue, dark purple, forest green and for the more daring, black! You will understand, at the start of the school year we want more character on the tips of our nails!

For those who prefer to remain more discreet when it comes to manicure, don’t panic! Nude shades will remain ultra desirable this fall-winter. So to bring a sophisticated touch with a lot of softness, we opt without hesitation for the ombré effect, better known as the baby boomer!

We say yes to shiny nails!

To end the year on a high note, there is no question of sinking into winter melancholy! We illuminate our style (and our morale at the same time) thanks to the glitter that appears on our nails! The glowy effect has never been more desirable than this year, even in beauty: from the eyes to the lips, including the nails, there is no denying it, we love the light.

Nail art

For some time now, the nail art trend has never been stronger! Between the revisited French manicure, the baby boomer or even the multicolored manicure … our nails are having fun! This fall-winter we keep this creative momentum and we simply change the different tones. Indeed, we opt for darker colors, such as plum, gray green, and even black.

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