Does Technology Make Us Bad Parents?

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Technological tools to help parents care for their children are getting smarter and more connected, and they are allowing us to delegate more and more tasks to machines. Is this going to make us bad parents?

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. When we have a child, a number of tools allow us to better control their health, sleep and even their diet. For some people, these devices, always more connected, tend more and more to replace parents and would keep us away from our children.

These fears are widely echoed on Youtube. You just have to go for a walk in the “smart cradle” tests to see it. In the comments, you are very likely to find phrases like, “If you are too tired or busy to invest in the relationship with your child, or at least to rock them before they fall asleep, then you don’t want to be. ‘maybe shouldn’t have had children’.

Is a machine that cradles your baby wrong?

Breaking news: being a parent is difficult. Whether they like it or not, all parents use modern tools to make their life easier at some point, if only a baby monitor for example. And it seems indeed difficult nowadays to do without strollers, pacifiers, chairs adapted for meals and other devices of this kind.

Why ? Because these devices meet very real needs. The € 300 smart cradle that cradles your baby for you, for example, will be very useful for parents whose children have certain health problems. Those for whom it is crucial to scrupulously control their baby’s weight gain will therefore find it a great ally, allowing them to forget their worries a little to better enjoy the moments of happiness.

The fear expressed on Youtube by some commentators cannot therefore only be linked to technology in general. There must be something else.

Are we too tired or busy to have children?

Let’s be honest, having a child is exhausting. And it will be exhausting no matter how much time you think you have. In a way, if you are tired enough to be interested in a smart crib, it certainly means that you are taking good care of your child, on the contrary. But behind these comments on Youtube hides a much more legitimate source of concern: by using technology, are we not going to interact less and less with our children?

Indeed, a baby monitor will push you to watch your baby less during his sleep, and a smart cradle to delegate the task of putting your child to sleep to a machine, depriving you of precious moments, ultimately. But keeping some time to yourself when you’re a parent is far from a bad thing, and these technologies can help you do that. The moment you have a baby, your life shouldn’t end.

In fact, it is as important to seize the opportunities to spend time with your child as it is to allow yourself moments of relaxation with your partner. Everything is a question of balance, in short.

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