The dangers of Tik Tok for your children and how to avoid them

tiktok photo

Tik Tok, the favorite social network and app for teens, is not without its risks for your children. Especially if she is very young. Faced with this, there is no question of psychotic: it is better to educate and support them.

With its fun challenges and sophisticated editing features, the Tik Tok playback app is a hit with 12-16 year olds. If this was a harmless social network, there probably wouldn’t be a problem. But between the ambient narcissism, the hypersexualization of young girls and the presence of malicious users, this platform is clearly not without dangers for your children.

Early and harmful hypersexualization

First of all, it should be noted that on Tik Tok, the majority of users are under 15 years old. There are even pre-teens, 11-13 years old, despite the fact that this service is not recommended for this age group. These college and schoolchildren, who are in the process of building their identity, in fact find themselves in a world of adults, and are bombarded by the superficiality and the cult of beauty and the body, inherent in our culture of television. reality. Like on Instagram, but in video, each user tries to highlight themselves, by showing themselves in their best light, by using filters, and only expect one thing: likes, shares and rave comments.

However, the messages that follow the videos on Tik Tok often boil down to comments related to the physique: “you’re too hot”, “you’re too beautiful”, “you have a dream body”. Because what strikes when you walk on Tik Tok is the sexual nature of the clips. Most of the time, in order to stand out from the crowd and gain “recognition”, young teenage girls dance lasciviously, showing off their navels and tight clothes, probably trying to emulate the sexy starlets they adore.

On France Inter, Sonia Devillers describes the root of the problem well: “Plunged into the body aesthetic of a totally cloned youth: all, long hair; all, very raised breasts; all, the t-shirt cut under the breasts ; all, ultra-flat stomach, bare navel; all, plump buttocks; all, almost the same face both smooth and mischievous. It’s completely creepy. All the more disturbing that they all dance in the same way , swaying small ass and swinging their breasts forward. Hyper-sexualized gestures reproduced endlessly by very young girls who copy themselves all over the world “.

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