Lolita Sechan suffering from Chronic Covid: Renaud’s daughter is not getting better

lolita health photo

Lolita Sechan contracted the corona-virus last March, before confinement. The daughter of singer Renaud, however, has not finished with the disease and its symptoms. She confided on Instagram.

On August 9, Lolita Sechan blew out her 40th birthday. A new important course for Renaud’s daughter who had posted a very moving message on her Instagram account in which she took stock of her life, not without humor. “40 years old might be a living environment.

It’s a really bad year. And I hope the rest will be light. Avanti!” , she had however declared on the social network. As for all French people, it must be said that 2020 is very difficult for her since she was directly affected by the Covid-19. An ordeal that she mentioned in a long post on Instagram. “You had it, you, the Covid? Are you recovering? I had it in March, when I returned to confinement, with all the very strong symptoms apart from the respiratory distress, even the weird neurological stuff. was tested at the end of May, 50% antibody level, “she said. “I preferred mumps”

And the mother of little Heloise has unfortunately not finished with the disease since she still feels the symptoms. “I believed that the summer would erase the fatigue, far from it, she lamented. My doctor tells me about a form of chronic Covid. Without being contagious for others anymore, eh, don’t panic. Nice this news. disease. I preferred mumps. In short, courage to those and those who still fight against this shit.

Wear your masks, even if you feel strong, at least to protect the others. In the meantime, I walk with my urine in a little pot “. Lolita Sechan, who posted a photo of her with a mask and wearing her urinalysis, was able to count on the support of her Internet users. Some of them also shared their ordeal. Little words that made Renan Luce’s former partner feel less alone.

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