The incredible benefits of ginger

ginger photo

Renowned for more than 5000 years in Ayurvedic Medicine and in ancestral culinary recipes, ginger has many benefits.

It is well known that nature is full of miracle ingredients for our beauty routine. Today, we are interested in the benefits of ginger, this rhizome that everyone is tearing off!

Is ginger effective in fighting colds, sore throats and fever?

Among the many virtues of ginger, we readily retain its anti-bacterial function which stimulates the immune system and “warms” the body. Ginger is also a good antipyretic, meaning it helps fight fever. When you feel a little feverish, grate the equivalent of a piece of ginger into small pieces, then pour hot water into a cup with a little honey and a wedge of lemon. Leave to infuse for two minutes before drinking this hot whipping infusion.

What effect does ginger have on digestion?

The ginger rhizome has anti-inflammatory and antiemetic effects, which limit nausea and vomiting. No wonder pregnant women love it! Good to know: you can also use it after pregnancy to promote weight loss. For that, we say thank you to the manganese it contains, with the fat-burning effect.
Ginger, an anti-fatigue food

Did you know that ginger is one of the richest foods in antioxidants? Coupled with its many vitamins and trace elements, it is a formidably effective natural remedy against fatigue. And with the start of the school year, we really need it!

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