YouTubers & Influencers Fooled by Ed Sheeran lookalike at KSI vs Logan Paul 2

Famous YouTuber Josh Pieters just did one of the most hilarious pranks this year. He personally hired an Ed Sheeran lookalike and tricked many influencers at the KSI vs Logan Paul 2 boxing event. Everyone fell for that including security and influencers and it is hilarious.

The YouTube star recently uploaded that featured the insane prank. “This is the story how I tricked 24 thousand people into believing Ed Sheeran was at a boxing match!” he said and laughed. 

Pieters explained how his friends found Ed Sheeran look alike. They hired him with the help of his manager and brought him to Los Angeles for the event.

The look alike went to the red carpet and fooled thousands of fans and reporters who thought that he was actually Ed Sheeran. Then the pranksters took him to the backstage bar where top YouTubers and influencers were gathered before the fight. Even they failed to realize that it was just a joke.