WWE Super star Alexa Bliss Secretly Dating Someone

Alexa Bliss opens up about body shaming her competitor Nia. Nia used to be her friend and now Alexa is body shaming her on the WWE events because it is part of story lines in order to create drama between two completely different size of women.

Alexa said The Cheap Heat Podcast “I have lived through it. To be able to make this story as real as possible you have to commit to it. I remember speaking to Nia Jax before WrestleMania. We both wanted to make this story mean something because we both have had our body issues and we both have had this idea of wanting to portray body images to people. The thing is you have to commit to that and that is why I was able to get Alexa Bliss’s character into this deeper level where people say that I am rude”.

Alexa is super confident with her body and looking forward to face Ronda Rousey.