Tove Lo Shares Some Bold Words with Rogue Once Again

Tove Lo appeared on the cover of Rogue Magazine‘s Spring/Summer 2018 issue. She revealed a lot about herself and the way she thinks about the world. She also opens about pride and originality. She shared that she is true to herself.

About true to herself: “I think as long as it’s real, and it’s me, I’m not trying to be anything different, no one can tell me that I’m wrong. They might not agree with me, and that’s fine, but it’s way easier to deal with all that stuff if you know that you’re not questioning yourself. I’m just doing something what feels natural and good to me.”

About dark side of her music: “A lot of the songs on the record have more a more vulnerable, darker side to it, which is I think is also what people connect with. The songs are pretty dark in general, and I think you need both to be a level person. It helps me kind of level out and just feel comfortable in both, not just push one side away.”

She revealed a lot of things that define her personality.