Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Eminem Inspire a Religious Cult Member to Become a Pop Star

A man who just escaped from a cult revealed that he was inspired to follow a music career after listening to pop stars like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Eminem. Those Young Pop stars inspire a religious man to join music industry that can change his life.

Enoch Loyal, who is 20 year-old recently left Gloriavale, which is an isolated Christian community in New Zealand that is disconnected from the world four years ago. It is very inspiring to see a religious cult to become a singer. Celebrities like Taylor, Katy and Eminem are changing the lives of people.

Loyal used to listen to music secretly and hid this from church leaders. According to Stuffhe used to listen the music and practice secretly. He is all set to pursue a career in music industry. Soon Enoch is going to learn music in a reputed music academy.

Music lovers are all over the world and it is very cool to see someone who ran away from other world to enter in the music world. Enoch said that he used to listen music secretly and hide it from his religious masters. We are saying best of luck to that courageous man.