Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s Reconciliation Seems Exhausting

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry finally ended their feud. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are back again and they are better than ever. Katy Perry made a noticeable cameo in Taylor Swift’s music video called “You Need to Calm Down.”

It Seems Katy is no longer friends with Taylor Swift but she is pretending to be her friend. Taylor Swift doesn’t have friends anymore and that’s why she is trying to make friends in the industry.

Toward the end of the video, Swift, wore a fries costume and ran into Perry, who was wearing her hamburger outfit from Met Gala. Then they danced together and hug it out. The two also posted similar Instagram posts.

“This meal is BEEF-free,” Perry captioned the post. Swift captioned the photo, “A happy meal.” Any way they are the long time rivals and watching them as friends is undigested. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry fans are not impressed with their unity.

This unity looks fake and maybe for fake publicity but they made it look legit. It seems Katy Parry is no longer interested in Taylor Swift beef. They both have moved on and looking for better relationships.

According to fans they maybe faking it. Both Pop stars cannot be friends. They have spoken a lot of trash about each other in the past and there is not point to be together and look cool in front of media.

It Seems Taylor Swift is focused on her career, which is drowning because of rising rap stars. Now a days people like rap music more than pop music. Rap music and battles are famous now.

Some of their fans are happy to see them together and looking forward to see a their collaboration. We are hopeful to see this collaboration that will rock the music industry in no time. Taylor and Katy Together on a stage one more time is the ideal movement for their fans.

It also seems that Taylor Swift needs more encouragement than Katy parry, when it comes to start a healthy friendship. After all they are all good singers and it is tough to be friends with people that u know.