Shia LaBeouf’s Real Father Discovered Taunting LAPD

Shia LaBeouf To Feature in a Comic Book Movie

Shia LaBeouf has a pedophile father and he is taunting U.S. authorities about his luxury life.

The Transformers actor’s father, Jeffrey was in jail from 1981 to 1983 for rape chargers. He left the country in 2014 and violated his registration requirements as  sex offender.

But now according to RadarOnline the 71-year-old fugitive old man is living his best life. He was spotted  in a beautiful resort town in Costa Rica.

In one post his dogs are napping on the couch. “It’s a good day in San Juan de Dios Costa Rica” he captioned the post.

In second post, he was bragging about how blessed he is.

“Hahaha. I was just texting a friend when it occurred to me how blessed I am,” he said.

According to LAPD insider, “There is nothing anybody can do at this time if he’s in Costa Rica because extradition is so difficult.”

Shia, 33 year-old, is all set to play the character of his father, he also wrote the screen play of it. The film called  Honey Boy, which describes the trouble relationship of father and son.

Shia didn’t have ideal childhood. His father was a war veteran who  fought with his alcohol and heroin addiction and also allegedly pulled a gun on him during a Vietnam flashback.