Shane Dawson to Make Documentary on Alissa Violet

A group of hackers hacked Shane Dawson’s Twitter account on Friday and spammed his Twitter account with multiple racist, homophobic and insulting comments. Comments like calling James Charles a ‘f****t’ and Tweeting  ‘Nazi Germany did nothing wrong’. The trolls also mentioned Shane’s cat and insulted her.

The hackers also mentioned Shane comments that he made on his Friends podcast ‘I didn’t f**k my cat. I didn’t c*m on my cat. I didn’t put my d**k anywhere near my cat. ‘I’ve never done anything weird with my cats. I promised myself I wasn’t going to make apology videos after last year’s thing so I’m just trying to be as short and honest with this as possible.”

Shane also added: ‘I’ve apologised many times for all the dumb s**t I’ve said in videos and podcasts over the years”.

The hackers seem to be young trolls, who just used Shane Dawson’s Tweeter account to make him look bad. Shane followers quickly realized that it was not him posting insulting comments. It was someone else posting on his behalf.

Later Shane Dawson Apologized.