Shane Dawson To Make $5 Million from The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star Documentary

Shane Dawson is going to make a lot of money from his latest documentary called The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star the long 1 hour video include a lot of glam and also describes the dark site of make-up industry. Jeffree Star is very open about his financials, she recently shared some shocking details about his profitable cosmetics empire and also made a shocking statement about Shane Dawson’s earnings.

The makeup mogul previously announced  that his cosmetics company earns  $150 million in annual revenues. She also unfolds that he gets roughly $20.8 million from the Blood Sugar palette that she introduced and now it is the signature mark of his brand.

Star also revealed how mark-ups works in the industry. She said“Every brand will be shook because my quality and my cost-of-goods is a lot more expensive than a lot of brands,” Star tells Dawson. “But you will be shook when you dive into brands that are in Sephora and Ulta, and their cost is so low and they’re charging an astronomical amount — it’s insane. So it’s almost like pulling the curtain off…But I am willing to take the hit because this is art to me, and I’m not in it for the money.

She made a statement in which she said that Shane can make $5 million in profit from his creative documentary style videos, which is a big amount.