Shane Dawson to Launch Second Makeup Collection with Jeffree Star

After successfully selling more than 1 million palettes in just 5 days, Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star are up for something big. They launched Conspiracy collection and got amazing response from the women. The collection is fully launched now. But in a recent Instagram live video, Shane pointed out that this might not be the last joint makeup venture launched by him and Jeffree.

Shane revealed that the footage of James Charles and Tati Westbrook’s feud will not be part of his documentary t. He also looked some fan comments on Insta Live and opened about  his excitement over positive feedback about the palette and all the other products.

“I’ve never look at my tagged photos more in my entire life,” Shane said about all the feedback that the palette is getting. “I never used to look at my tagged photos. I’m looking every second. Like, all the looks you guys are doing. It’s just the coolest thing in the whole world. It’s like, it’s literally, I cannot put it into words. But I am taking the criticism, that’s another thing too, that I’m excited about. I’m really invested in the reviews. If you do a review, please don’t feel like you have to sugar coat it.”

It seems Shane and Jeffree will come up with the new makeup products.