Shane Dawson to Include Kylie Jenner and James Charles in New Documentary

Shane Dawson is up to something cool. He is looking forward to get surprise appearance of Kylie Jenner in his Make-Up documentary. The documentary includes dark secrets of make-up industry. It is expected that Kylie Jenner’s friend James Charles will also appear in the documentary.

Recently Shane Dawson celebrated his birthday with his friends. One of his friend gifted Shane Dawson diet coke and and AW canes. Shane Dawson and his team is busy working on a special documentary on dark secrets of make-up industry. During the break Shane and his team only drink diet sodas.

Shane Dawson documentaries are known as the most popular documentaries on the internet with millions of views. His last hit documentary was on YouTube star Jake Paul. Shane is very busy now because he is about to reveal a lot of secrets from Make-UP industry.

He is also teaming up with Eugenia Cooney for this. Recently he mentioned the return of Eugenia Cooney and his fans are excited to see their collaboration. Shane is up to something big and bold. He is not revealing a lot of information about his new documentary but it is expected that  Kylie Jenner and James Charles will appear on Shane’s new documentary.