Shane Dawson Reveals the Dark Side of Eugenia Cooney and Jeffree Star

Shane Dawson Death Video to Spark Many Health Concerns According to Eugenia Cooney

There are a lot of debates about Shane Dawson’s new documentary but all YouTubers are agreed that Shane has special talent and no one can take that away from him. Some YouTubers and internet community think that Shane should brought the dark side of Eugenia Cooney and some think he did right think.

Recently on his 31st birthday, Shane Dawson released a new video after five months long break. In the video Shane Dawson through some hints on previously-unannounced documentary creator Eugenia Cooney. She recently returned to YouTube after battling with eating disorder. In Eugenia Cooney documentary Shane also opened up about his own eating disorder.

Previously Dawson clearly announced the 2nd documentary of this year with Jeffree Star, which is basically on the way. There are many conspiracy theories are roaming here and there about Jeffree Star’s documentary. Shane Dawson’s documentary provides creators a chance to be real in front of camera instead of acting to get views.

The Eugenia Cooney emotional video watched by 21 million people in three days and became the top trending video of the week. Right Now Shane Dawson is looking to bring the truth of Make-Up industry and every one impatiently waiting for his documentary with Jeffree Star.