Shane Dawson Reveals Her Next Mystery Project

Shane Dawson finally visited Jake Paul House. Jake Paul warmly welcomed Shane Dawson and revealed a lot of secrets about him. In the conversation Jake Paul revealed that Erika changed him and made him a better person.

Both talked about subject related sociopath and psychopath. Jake Paul sportingly took all the compliments from Shane. Jake Paul confidently spoke to Shane about his personality, lifestyle and relationship. He was very gentle and open to Shane.

Erika Costell also Met Shane Dawson. Jake Paul revealed some very unique facts about her personality in the “The World of Jake Paul.” Shane interviewed the couple together and then separately. He tried to make Jake more comfortable to get accurate information about his personality.

Jake Paul accepted that he used to be cocky in his childhood but he is no more cocky now.

Jake Paul revealed a lot of interesting things about his personality in the 5th episode of “The Life of Jake Paul.”