Shane Dawson Announces a Spoiler on His Birthday

Shane Dawson finally made a surprising comeback on YouTube after a 5 months long break. Now he  is better than ever.

The actor and director last upload on YouTube was on February 12, 2019 and it has been a long time since we saw Shane Dawson again. He came back with the treat called Conspiracy Theories series that got over 70 million views with just two videos.

On his 31st birthday Shane gave a sneak peak of his new Documentary. Recently Shane Dawson announced that he will be releasing his secret content on YouTube channel that keep him awake for nights. He also mentioned that his creative-director Andrew Siwicki and Shane drank around 60 cans of A&W Diet Root Beer and Diet Coke Cola during editing.

Currently Shane is working on one of the biggest documentaries to release on YouTube featuring Jeffree Star and the dirty world of cosmetics.