Sarah Hyland Feels Sad For Her Cousin

Sarah Hyland Twitter Love Story is wining the hearts of people. The former Bachelorette contestant credits the actress and said. “I’ve always just shut the hell up and never really talked back and, to be honest with you, dating her has made me become much more, like, confident in myself,” he recently explained to Us Weekly. “Which, I’m a very confident person just in general, but, like, watching how she would respond to people just kind of changed me. I’d always think, ‘They’re just trolls, they don’t mean anything,’ but at the end of the day, I think the perception is that stuff doesn’t hurt people like Sarah who are in the public eye—but it does. To maintain a little bit of sanity, you have to stand up for yourself.” 

“I think it’s hilarious that there are still trolls out there who think they can f–k with her,” he said. “Because she shuts everyone down.” 

They are the beautiful couple of today.