Rose Byrne Doesn’t like His Partner Anymore

Rose Byrne opened up about parenting and difficult challenges that she faces all the time being a parent.

The 39-year-old Australian actress is mother of two children, Rocco and Rafa, with actor Bobby Cannavale. In November, Rose gave birth to their second child, with whom she was pregnant with while filming Juliet, Naked.

“It’s so challenging. Everything. From breastfeeding to having a newborn to trying to get a baby to sleep. It’s so overwhelming,” Rose told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I very grateful to have two healthy kids. I had a wonderful woman named Esther Santana at the beginning who taught me so much. My mother taught me so much, she came over and helped me. You really lean on people who’ve done it before. I did.”

Rose Byrne is trying her best to be good mother.