Pokimane Reveals Her Weird Way of Eating Pizza

Famous Twitch streamer and YouTuber Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, who is also known for her trolls and harassment issues just like all other web stars but this time he takes her weird behavior to next level. Pokimane eats her pizza very awkwardly.

She recently revealed how she eats pizza and it is super bizarre. Everyone eats pizza with the topping side up, but Pokimane is different. She eats pizza by placing the topping side down. It is weird but it seems Pokimane can do this. Pokimane is known for her crazy habits but now her fans know that she eats differently too.

She also warns her fans to not troll her for doing that. She also uploaded a video about it. But fans are not going to ignore her crazy acts. It is funny at the same time awkward to eat pizza like that according to our pizza lover staff, who does that.

Pokimana is not the only Twich streamer who shared her weird secrets some Twich streams have done this before. But who eats pizza like that but Pokimane can do this because she is different than others. Maybe her fans try this at home and eat pizza after folding it.