PewDiePie Challenges YouTubers for Fight Openly

PewDiePie roasted many YouTubers in a video uploaded to his channel on November 11, including YouTubers turned boxers  KSI and Logan Paul. He also talked about their controversial rematch at the Staples Center. 

There were many other high profile YouTubers on the PewDiePie’s list. He didn’t leave his own Friday Fortnite teammate James Charles. The leader of TeamTrees and MrBeast is also on his list. But he opened about who he really wanted to beat in a realfight.

PewDiePie didn’t mentioned  a YouTube boxing match he just said a fight. He also talked about Logan Paul November 9 loss and said ‘They would kick my ass section’. He said: “Logan Paul, he is bigger than me, I’ll give him that, maybe tiny bit stronger than me, I’ll give him that.

 “Would Logan Paul kill me? He has an affinity for dead people so absolutely he would kill me,” he added.