PewDiePie Break Up to End His YouTube Career

In his latest video PewDiePie calls Serena Williams a bully. PewDiePie made a whole video about latest controversy that Serena is currently facing about her professional behavior during US Open. Recently Serena William Lost her game very badly and also misbehaved with the referee.

According to Serena, referee treated her differently because she is a woman. PewDiePie totally disagreed with Serena on this and took the side of referee. He mentioned Serena Williams name multiple times and also called her bully. Calling a woman bully is not a good behavior either according to Serena William’s fans.

According to PewDiePie Serena was wrong and she abused the referee verbally. He also displayed the video in which Serena Williams demanded an apology from the referee. PewDiePie channel has beaten by Indian Music channel called T-Series in subscribers. Now it is the truth that T Series is the new no.1 most subscribed channel on YouTube.

Serena William’s fans are not doing to take this lightly.