Paris Jackson’s Mom Praises Her Daughter’s Boyfriend Gabriel Glenn

Paris Jackson Marriage Upsets Michael Jackson’s family

According to Paris Jackson’s mother her boyfriend is “lovely”.

The 21-year-old talented singer is dating her Soundflowers bandmate Gabriel Glenn. They are in a relationship from almost one year. Debbie Rowe happily approves the couple.

Debbie told RadarOnline : “I’ve met him. I think he’s a lovely boy.”

Back In April, Paris Jackson called Gabriel the “light of [her] life” in an romantic Instagram post to celebrate their first anniversary. Paris Jackson loves her boyfriend and we can clearly see that in her Instagram.

If you follow Paris Jackson on Insta you will get to see a lot of action of their romance. Many pictures of the couple are on Instagram, in which they can be seen kissing and playing music. Paris wrote: “you’re the light of my life. thank you for making me the happiest and luckiest girl in the world. happy anniversary baby can’t wait for another trip around the sun (sic)”

It was expected that  Gabriel was not in good books of  Paris’s  friends and family but  he happens to be “super supportive and understanding” and family loves him.

According to an insider “He’s a musician and they play together in a band. [They’ve been together] for several months and he is super supportive and understanding about how hard the last few weeks have been for Paris.

“He’s been there for her and they have grown closer through this. He’s been a constant in her life and she really needs him right now.”

Soundflowers are about to get major record deal and soon they will be on the top of the world

Another source told: “Paris is really focused on her music and it’s given her a lot of comfort.

“She and Gabriel have grown their following and a handful of big labels have shown interest in offering them a deal, including Universal.

“There is a lot of pressure on her because of who she is, but she just wants to have fun with it.

“Her sound is a lot different from MJ’s and she rarely covers his songs.

“Paris wrote some of the songs when she was a young teen and going through difficult times battling depression and drug addiction, while others are love songs that Gabriel wrote for her. It’s quite a mix.”

It seems Paris Marriage with Her boyfriend is confirmed in future.