Paris Jackson Turns Down All Engagement Rumors

Paris Jackson to Sign a Major Music Record Deal

Rumors of Paris Jackson’s engagement went viral on the internet, and created a lot of  wrong speculations. The model, actress and singer finally opened up about it and confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that, wearing matching gold bands on fingers doesn’t mean that she is engaged to her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn. It’s just their boho style, it’s just a swag.

“They are very serious but they’re young and just enjoying each other’s time as girlfriend and boyfriend right now,” the source told ET. So excited fans do not expect wedding of Paris Jackson yet. You have to wait for it.

Jackson and Glenn arrived happily at the Los Angeles premiere of Peanut Butter Falcon. The couple rocked their best ‘70s glam looks and media mistakenly considered them engaged. Paris and her boyfriend were wearing flowy blouses, grungy eyeliner, and a plethora of jewelry.