Paris Jackson Shares Picture of Her Bedtime Matcha on Instagram

Paris Jackson loves her bedtime Matcha. Paris Jackson is all about healthy living now. She recently shared a picture of Matcha Mug on her Instagram. Matcha is a drink that keeps you hydrated and healthy. It is good for stomach too.

Paris Jackson engagement rumors are currently on the rise. Michael Jacksons trouble daughter recently spotted with her boyfriend wearing a golden ring that indicates she is engaged now. She was captured with the ring in her finger.

Paris Jackson and her long haired boyfriend Gabriel Glenn recently spotted at the Peanut Butter Falcon Premiere with their matching golden rings. Those rings spark engagement and marriage controversy. However Paris Jackson is not opening about her engagement yet but according to a source she is engaged now.

Paris Jackson/Instagram

Glenn work in the music group called SoundFlowers, Paris Jackson is the founder of that group. They started to date last year.

First time the couple was seen together back in June 2018. Jackson and Glenn are loving the best life together and working very hard on their band.

Paris Jackson is not opening about her marriage and her family is upset about it.