Paris Jackson Shares Creepy Picture of Her Vanity Bus

Many Paris Jackson fans consider Paris Jackson as weird human because of her little awkward but artistic photos. Paris Jackson Instagram is not like other celebrities. It is very different and little odd. Recently Paris Jackson showcased a picture of her vanity bus.

There is nothing wrong with the picture but fans are making fun of it. Currently Paris Jackson is having fun with her boyfriend and traveling in a mini bus to experience beauty of nature. Paris Jackson has soulful personality and she is also a big believer of Karma.

Her Instagram photos indicate her personality. Paris rarely posts fancy pictures. Other celebrities show a lot of materialistic things but Paris is unique. You will not see anything fancy and luxury on her Instagram. She normally posts images of trees and her beautiful face with third eye on the head.

Many fans also criticize her for that but she does what she wants. Paris Jackson known an late Michael Jackson’s trouble daughter but after spending time in rehab she proved everybody that she is a talented and nice person.

Paris is dating her band member Gabriel Glenn.