Paris Jackson to Marry Boyfriend Gabriel Glenn

Paris Jackson and her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn captured together this weekend at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood for family dinner.

The cure couple, who are also bandmates in the musical group called The Soundflowers spotted ousite the Paris’s house. They were holding few bags and two guitars.

Recently Paris Jackson’s band band completed Full Moon tour in Santa Barbara. They also performed for many of their hit songs at Pacific Coast Highway.

Paris said: “I’m so excited to hit the road for frisco buskin’ n stoppin’ at cafes n dive bars along the way, guided by the new moon. and i’m sooo incredibly grateful for all the friends that came by yesterday and helped us with the merch.”

Paris and Gabriel officially admitted their relationship back in August 2018 and they recently completed the full year as a couple. The couple is extremely private about their relationship. Recently they are opening about their relationship on social media.

On National Boyfriend Day, late Michael Jackson’s daughter openly paid tribute to Gabriel on her Instagram and publically confirmed her relationship status.

She posted three pictures of herself with Gabriel and captioned, “Happy national boyfriend day ♥️ this is the love of my life, my muse, the light of my existence. i don’t know how i got so lucky, but not a day goes by where i’m not grateful for having you in my life. thank you for being mine. for being you. for the music. i love you.” “You are the most beautiful symphony ever composed.”

Now Gabriel is in good books of Jackson family and they also invite him at dinners.