Paris Jackson Marriage Upsets Michael Jackson’s family

Paris Jackson, 20, is madly in lovewith her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn and she wants that  her friends know about it Gabriel. The trouble daughter of Michael Jackson reportedly has a wonderful relationship with boy friend Gabriel and she wants to tie the knot soon, she is in a great relationship. She loves her boyfriend.

“Paris and Gabriel had the perfect Valentine’s Day, they spent it relaxing at home watching movies and playing music together,” a source told HollywoodLife. “Paris is head over heels in love and has been telling her friends that Gabriel is her soulmate. Gabriel is so supportive of her and encouraging, he’s her biggest cheerleader with everything from her music to the day to day life stuff she has to deal with. And he’s extremely attentive to her, it’s obvious that he adores her. He even writes loves songs for her. They’re very, very sweet together, this relationship is so good for her.” Aw!

Gabriel is also Paris’s bandmate and works in her music group. The band called The Soundflowers, has many other members in it. Paris and Gabriel started dating in August, when they were spotted kissing each other in the car after their second live performance as a united band.

Paris Jackson/Instagram

They tried to keep their romantic relationship private but after sometimes they decided to make it public. They are deciding to get married but Paris Jackson’s family is not happy about it.