Paris Jackson Celebrates Michael Jackson Birthday

Paris Jackson Celebrates Michael Jackson Birthday

Paris Jackson is about to celebrate Michael Jackson’s birthday. Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris throws balls of fires at paedophiles and molesters, who made excuse for their actions that they were ‘born this way’.

Paris, who recently identifies herself as bisexual wants  to maintain distance from people who are trying to join the LGBTQ+ community and said they were born this way.

In a thrilling deleted Twitter thread, Paris made it very clear to her followers that she does not support their actions. She also mentioned that they are not her ‘brothers or sisters’. She likes to keep those people away from her.

“Apparently paedos, molesters and furries are trying to become apart of the lgbtq+, saying they were ‘born this way’ as an excuse,” she added.

“IDK how others feel but I personally don’t condone f***** children or animals at all and will NOT consider you my brother or sister.”

“I should add before y’all attack me on this, there are zoophiles that identify as furries and do the whole thing.”

Paris made those comments because of a controversial documentary Leaving Neverland, which showcases  her father Michael Jackson’s alleged sexual abuse of two children, which happens to be true according to some historian and experts.

The documentary includes James Safechuck and Wade Robson, who openly claiming that they were sexually abused by Jackson.