Writers Bio and Info

Founder: Ali Abraham

Bio: Ali Raza Abraham is digital entrepreneur. Ali has spent more than 4 years in digital media industry. He has worked with top digital media publishers as a contributor and news writer. He is the founder of buzzfeedzz.com. Ali created buzzfeedzz.com to give people entertainment news in fast, credible and simple way without over exaggeration.

Email: aliabraham110@gmail.com  Follow: Facebook Twitter

Our News Writers

Name: Jocelyn Jane

Bio: Jocelyn Jane Cox is a freelance writer and a figure skating coach from New York. She has worked with Huffpost, Slate and Parent.com. She writes about parenting and celebrities.

Email: thejocelynjane@gmail.com  Follow: Facebook / Twitter

Name: Soren Bowie

Bio: Soren Bowie is amazing Writer and proud American dad. He has worked for Cracked.com as blogger and author. Soren lives life with passion and loves adventure.

Email: thesorenbowie@gmail.com  Follow: Facebook / Twitter

Name: Sophie Brown

Bio: Sophie is Journalist. Currently she is working as opinions editor at euronews and writer at opencontracting. she is also an online contributor and writer at buzzfeedzz.com

Email: thesophiebrown@gmail.com  Follow: Facebook / Twitter

Name: Tommy Dean

Bio: Tommy Dean is Special Education teacher and also extremely talented freelance writer. He loves to write celebrity news. He is also a very loving dad.

Email: tommydeanwriter@gmail.com  Follow: Twitter

Name: John Smith

Bio: John Smith is amazing story teller and specialized in writing celebrity gossips. John loves traveling more than his girl friend.

Email: Johnsmithfeedzz@gmail.com

Name: Amanda Cerny

Bio: Amanda Cerny is freelance news writer from New York. Amanda has worked with Celebuzz, Hollywoodlife and Radaronline. She is not shy when it comes to eating pizza.

Email: amandacernyou@gmail.com

Name: Mustajab Hassan

Bio: Mustajab Hassan is business graduate and incredible news writer. He loves to cover anything that is exciting and trending. His favorite food is Indian curry.

Email: mustajabhassan92@gmail.com  Follow: Facebook / Twitter

Name: Asif Rajpoot

Bio: Asif Rajpoot is incredible writer and editor. He has worked with top Pakistani publishers like Nawaiwaqt. Asif loves travelling and food.

Email: asifrajpootwriter@gmail.com  Follow: Facebook

Name: Zammer Ul Hassan

Bio: Zameer is obsessed with famous celebrities and want to know everything about them. Zameer writes juicy celebrity gossips and news and eats giant burger at work.

Email: zameerulhassanwriter@gmail.com  Follow: Facebook