Nicolas Cage To Date Her Ex Vickie Park Once Again

Nicolas Cage’s ex-girlfriend, Vickie Park said that Nicolas was abusive during their relationship, when she petitioned for a temporary restraining order against Nicolas’s estranged wife, Alice Kim.

Vickie Park, who claims that she was in relationship with Cage since last year during that time Nicolas was abusive. According to her Nicola abused her while he was “severely intoxicated” on 20 September in Vienna, where they attended the Slash Film Festival together.

Park also said that Cage was suffering from “alcohol addiction, depression, and mental illness,” at that time.

According to PEOPLE, Park accused Kim, 33, of harassing and stalking her on social media, while also blaming her for inciting another alleged incident of abuse by Cage on 24 September, by “manipulating him by saying things such as ‘your intelligence level looks low with a disgusting woman like her.’”