Malia Obama Sister Sasha Obama Galdy Joins Michigan University

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Former President Barack Obama’s younger daughter, Sasha Obama, is about to start her college career at the University of Michigan this week and their fans are very excited about it.

Sasha real legal name is Natasha. Recently she was seen attending summer freshman orientation and spotted again this week with mystery men this is believed to be Secret Service agents.

“I was walking by pushing a vacuum and she walked out right in front of me,” said Zach Lassen, a third-year film student from Redford. “I said, ‘Excuse me.’ It was a crowded hallway with her and some Secret Service dudes.”

It seems students in the University are impressed by Sasha, after all she is the daughter of former president.

Malia Ann Obama has done with the college life now it is time for younger sister Sasha Obama to join University of Michigan.