Malia Obama & Sasha Obama’s Introduce New Fashion Style

Malia Obama Reveals Her Secret New Boyfriend

Sasha and Malia Obama often can be seen together with their iconic dressing style. Both beautiful girls used to live in the White House when dad was President but they are no longer in the white house. Now they are free to meet and greet anyone in their own house.

When Sasha was 8-yearold her father became Commander-in-Chief and made her the youngest presidential kid after the Kennedys. During her early White House days, Sasha and Malia used to wear casual normal dresses but now their fashion game is on. They are taking fashion very seriously.

Recently they were spotted wearing incredible dresses. Harvard has changed them. Obama’s daughter are very pretty and they make sure they look good In public too. Maila was recently spotted with her long-term boyfriend and Sasha was also with them.

They were having launch. Every girl wants to copy Malia obama when it comes to style and dresses. Her hair style was copied millions of times by her fans.  Malia and Sasha are the trend setters for teen age girls. Just like Kylie Jenner, Malia also have huge fan following in young people.