Liam Hemsworth Spotted with His Best friend Dora in Happy Mode

Liam Hemsworth spotted with his best friend Dora and he was looking alright. According to some reports he is “still feeling “a little bit down” because of her recent split with Miley Cyrus. No doubt Miley Cyrus split made Laim sad.

But now he has a new friend Dora to make him happy. Dora is bringing happiness to Liam’s sad life after Miley Cyrus.

Adam Devine commented “Thirst TRAP” and Liam’s fans responded back to him with ironic comments. Devine also mentioned that a picture with a handsome man is normal but when you have a cute dog like Dora in it, it becomes incredible.

Liam’s fans are in love with his female dog Dora and Liam also feels the same.