KSI Mocks Logan Paul for Failing at Challenger Games

YouTuber Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji appeared in an episode of the ‘What’s Good?’ podcast on November 19, where he commented on social media star Jake Paul’s breakup with Erika Costell. KSI insults Jake Paul with no mercy and used very harsh words.

“Do you think their relationship was real?” Randolph asked, to which KSI had a savage response.

“I think it was fake at the beginning,” KSI speculated. “Jake just fucked around, did a lot of crazy shit… found Erika through all the mayhem, they had a good relationship, and then Jake just got bored and wanted to put his dick in other women – simple as that.”

According to KSI, Jake Paul is a Kid and doesn’t deserve a well settle relationship.

He said: Jake Paul is a kid.