Katy Perry Insults Celine Dion in Australia

Katy Perry is making headlines for sexual misconduct accuses. She has been accused for the second time in a week. Model Josh Kloss and TV Host Tina Kandelaki of sexual accused Katy Parry for sexual harassment and awkward thing is that both claims came were made in the same week. However, Tina Kandelaki described that her original post have been misunderstood due to language barrier.

Katy Parry is experiencing the series of unpleasant events like this. This whole drama stars when Josh Kloss, actor from ‘Teenage Dream’ music video, accused pop star Katy Perry of sexual assault this week.

Just after few days, Georgian-born, who is a Russian journalist and TV presenter Tina Kandelaki made a chilling statement about Katy Parry and accused her for sexual assault.

According to a new statement, Kandelaki described that the incident she was mentioning with Perry did occur in reality, but now she was openly bringing it up to make an example of Josh Kloss issue. She clearly sent message to Josh Kloss and said: ‘don’t exaggerate things for the hype’.

Kandelaki also does not deny that Katy Perry tried to force herself onto her, which is a bad thing though. The TV presenter brought up #MeToo movement on Katy Parry. It seems people are making things up in order to get fame from Katy Parry but Josh Kloss came up with serious harassment claims.