Jake Paul Explains Why His Wedding Ruined By Tanna

YouTuber Jake Paul’s Channel has witnessed massive decrease in views and traffic. Just like PewDiePie, Jake Paul Channel is in the danger of death. Jake Paul is not Vlogging now a days and pretty busy in vacationing but recent report on social blade indicates that Jake Paul’s videos watch time and engagements are decreasing rapidly.

YouTuber Jake Paul has earned millions of dollars from YouTube but now his views are getting down day by day. He took a break from vlogging. On the other hand his brother Logan Paul also shows very less views in his recent video. Paul Brothers daily vlog game is over. It’s every day bro vlog quote is dead. The daily vlogs are dead.

It is also the reason why Jake’s channel is getting very less views. It seems Jake Paul has to adopt old strategy of daily vlogs to protect his audience, which is scattering quickly.

It seems Jake Paul is fed up with daily vlogging.