Eugenia Cooney Explains Her Weird Behavior in Shane Dawson’s Next Documentary

Eugenia Cooney weird behavior will be explained in Shane Dawson’s next documentary. Who don’t know Shane Dawson; he is one of the most popular content creators on YouTube and has more than 22 million subscribers. He is the respectable figure in modern age influencer community, who is changing the internet culture rapidly.

For Tana Mongeau Shane Dawson acted as a helping agent. He revealed his good image after Tanacon backlash. Shane did same with the Jake Paul, who is known for his reckless and fearless behavior. He revealed totally different sight of Jake Paul.

Now Shane is up to something new. He wants to reveal different site of controversial YouTuber Eugenia Cooney. Eugenia has abnormal eating disorders and Shane Made a chilling documentary on it and 27 million people watched it.

But still the documentary cannot do the justice to reveal the true character of Eugenia Cooney weird behavior. Now viewers want to see another documentary about Eugenia Cooney.