Erica Costell Spotted on a Dinner Date with Mystery Man

Jake Paul recently posted his new vlog in which she bought her girl friend a goat. Ericka Costell, who is Jake Paul’s former assistant and current girl friend, loves goats. In previous videos Jake Paul teased her girl friend by getting goat for rent but this time she actually bought it.

Jake Paul is known for his bold moves, the 20 years old YouTube millionaire has dated former vine star Alissa Violet. Jake Paul and Erika Costell Romance started in 2017 and now they are happily living together. Jake Paul is all set to fight Deji on August 25.

His brother Logan Paul is also fighting with professional boxer KSI. It doesn’t seem that Jake Paul is preparing for a fight because currently he is improving his presence on YouTube Because his Views are not going up.

Jake Paul surprised Erika by getting her a goat that insures that he is in love with Erika.