Robert De Niro Praises Bradley Cooper’s ‘A Star is Born’

Robert De Niro Praises Bradley Cooper's 'A Star is Born'

Bradley Cooper met Robert De Niro at the Storytellers Talk on Saturday, April 21 at Spring Studios in New York City. Both actors came to the stage together at 2018 Tribeca Film Festival in order to share some cool stories about the work they did together.

During the conversation Robert praised Bradley’s directorial debut A Star is Born. Both actors have worked together in many movies. Bradley is making his directorial debut with A Star is Born. Fans will also get to see Lady Gaga in this movie.

Robert De Niro Praises Bradley Cooper's 'A Star is Born'

Robert commented on the movie “It’s really, really terrific.” “I hope it gets the attention that I feel it should.” The movie is all set to release in October.

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