Jimmy Kimmel chooses Becca Kufrin as Bachelorette Winner

Jimmy Kimmel chooses Becca Kufrin as Bachelorette Winner

Jimmy Kimmel is very smart when it comes to picking up winners. Jimmy also has a positive track record of picking the exact winners. He picked the names of exact winners of hit shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

“Every season at the beginning of the show, I pick which contestant I believe will go the distance. Really, my wife picks them, but I take credit for it. We’re good at this. We’ve picked five of the last six winners on The Bachelor and four of the past six on The Bachelorette. It’s why they call me Rosetradamus,” Jimmy said.

According to Jimmy Ryan Banjo is nice guy with dimples and David dressed like a chicken. Jimmy said that David will make it to the final fours. Jimmy called blake a super cheesy guy. When it comes to winner of Bachelorette Jimmy picked Becca Kufrin.

This is what Jimmy Said: “Ryan, banjo player. Seems like a nice guy, has dimples — Ryan will make it to the hometown visits. David — even though David dressed as a chicken, he seems like one of the only guys you don’t have to worry might drop a pill in your wine glass. David will be in the final four. And then Blake. Blake seems super cheesy and who could imagine being married to a man named Blake, but Becca said they get each other. He may be the guy she goes back to after she dumps the guy she picks.”

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