Drake Releases New Music Video ‘I’m Upset’ with Degrassi Gang

Drake Releases New Music Video 'I'm Upset' with Degrassi Gang

Drake released a brand new chilling music video with the name of “I’m Upset.” It features original cast of Degrassi: The Next Generation and fans are once again shocked to see the crew of Degrassi. Degrassi Gang made a massive comeback with the Drake.

All the cast members of Degrassi appeared in the “I’m Upset” video. The video is incredible. The Degrassi Gang is dancing in background while drake is singing the song in the video. Some members caught doing cool dancing moves.

Drake previous hit “God’s Plan” was one of the most viewed songs on YouTube. Now Drake is back with “I’m Upset” and it is expected that it will break the record of other hit music videos of 2018. Drake wore very cool outfit in the video and Degrassi Gang are looking better than ever.

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