David Dobrik Admits Her Love for New Girlfriend Natalie

David Dobrik and Natalie Mariduena lovers get ready for interesting news. David and Natalie are secretly dating and you don’t know about it. They are hiding their relationship from public and loving it. Well they never admitted their relationship publicly but according to their close friends, they are dating.

At People’s Choice Awards red carpet, David praised Natalie and called her a hard worker. He said Natalie is “the hardest working person on the team.” David also admitted that Natalie is playing a vital role in his success.

Natalie is working as David’s assistant, and both of them are childhood buddies. According to many fans they are in relationship. They have feelings for each other. In fact once David confessed that he had a crush on Natalie at young age.

David did a video with Delish and described how he and Natalie went to a dance as freshman in high school .David admitted that he “had a little bit of a crush on her.” He wanted to praise Natalie’s dress but he couldn’t because he was envious and shy.

David and Natalie look great together according to their fans. It seems one day they will come out as couple. But right now they are just friends.