Chloe Green Spends Sunny Day in Bikini on a Luxury Yacht

Chloe Green is having fun in the summer. She is having a lot of fun in the Mediterranean with her friend Bruna Magagna. Chloe Green recently spotted in hot bikini taking full advantage hot sun. She enjoys the sunshine with the drinks.

Chloe Green spotted in a great spirits as she spotted with her friend Bruna Magagna  on her father Sir Philip’s $150million luxury yacht on Monday.

She was looking charming and happy as she enjoyed a drink with the magnificent views of the crystal blue ocean.

Chloe also revealed her slender figure in a hot black bikini that was clearly showcasing her toned abs and shiny skin. She was really enjoying the time in Mediterranean.

Chloe’s golden colored locks were adding fuel to the fire and she was looking adorable and incredibly hot. She took to Instagram to share the magical movements of joy with her fans.