Selena Gomes Praises Taylor Swift at Reputation Tour

Selena Gomes Praises Taylor Swift at Reputation Tour

Taylor Swift shared the stage with her best friend Selena Gomes at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, Calif. Selena Gomes surprised appearance shocked everyone in the Reputation Tour. Both Selena and Taylor were looking gorgeous on the stage.

They performed “Hands to Myself” song together. Selena Gomes praised Taylor Swift and her talent. According to Selena Taylor is the most beautiful, strong and independent woman. Recently Taylor Swift surprised her fans when she brought Shawn Mandes on the stage.

This time she brought Selena Gomes for the surprise performance. The reason why she has been one of my best friends is because this person has never, ever judged a single decision I’ve made,” Selena said this after the performance. But honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting someone that I know that is the most beautiful, strong, independent woman I’ve ever met. So thank you for supporting my best friend,” she added.

There is no doubt that Selena Gomes and Taylor Swift are best friends for life.

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