Sarah Hyland Gets Naughty on Instagram

Sarah Hyland Gets Naughty on Instagram

Sarah Hyland is getting really naughty these days. Recently she posted a picture of her on Instagram and explained that she hates car rides with boys in the caption of the photo. The 24-year old actress also added “#theweddingyear” in the caption.

Recently Sarah Hyland boy friend Wells Adams reveals that their relationship is weirdly normal. Wells Adams told People “It’s been really weirdly normal. That question gets asked a lot because you expect the answer to be like it’s crazy because it’s in the spotlight but for whatever reason, it’s been really nice and normal and wonderful.”

Sarah Hyland also opened up about her boyfriend and said: “I don’t know. I’m just … I think I’m hysterical when I’m really not. I’ll be like, ‘This is an amazing bit that I have to put on my Instagram Story.’ But the thing about Instagram Story is you don’t get responses, so I don’t know if people actually like them or not! I think the only person who actually somewhat finds me funny is my boyfriend. Thank God!”

Sarah Hyland came up with very naughty and funny caption on her Instagram but her fans loved it.

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