Robin William Suffered From Brain Disorder in His Last Days According to New Bio

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Actor Robin William was struggling with the dangerous brain disorder in his last days. He was suffering from Dementia and badly affected by this brain disease. According to the new biography Henry Holt & Co William used to cry and forget his lines during the shooting.

New bio says “He was sobbing in my arms at the end of every day. It was horrible. Horrible,” makeup artist Cheri Minns told author Itzkoff. “I said to his people, ‘I’m a makeup artist. I don’t have the capacity to deal with what’s happening to him.”

Robin William health got worse when his television show The Crazy Ones failed. His weight and voice badly affected and he stooped. “I would come home and say to my husband, ‘Something is wrong. He’s flat. He’s lost the spark. I don’t know what it is,’ ” her wife Dawber says in the book.

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